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The 4th intervals

Hi everyone, I hope you guys are alright. Last time we talked about the 3rd intervals, today's the time to learn the 4th intervals. As the 3rd, the 4th intervals can be applied to any scale and mode, following of course their shape, so the interval won't always be perfect.

This is also very useful when it comes to improvise, and it can be used by itself too. It's always about the rhythm, if you play with a proper rhythmic, the results will be always amazing. They are really anywhere in melodies; often they even start with those (like the famous Gershwin tune, Summertime).

I love and I believe it's a must have in your creativity arsenal. I've attached here the video and the score for them from the C Major Scale (Ionian mode) but they can be learned on every mode and key, as long as you follow the idea of skipping 2 notes every time within the shape.


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