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10 years of playing together

Today is a special day… today it’s been 10 years since my best band got together for the very first time. Ten years… it seems like yesterday and yet I can’t help but thinking of all that happened in all these years.

I still remember it as if it was yesterday, I ended up playing the bass guitar with them, at the time I was trying many things, many instruments. Suddenly I got a message from a guy who said was building up a band with some of his friends, he was the singer at the time. Then after the first rehearsal we clicked right away, we enjoyed the same music, the same style. Over time we built the "in the pocket" feeling that, back then, I heard of so much, I was still pretty much a beginner. Soon we built our relationship in and out the studio too. From there it was just a snowball effect of adventures; we played in many venues, in many different settings, stages; we changed many singers and backing guitarist, I've moved to electric guitar, the guitarist moved to piano and we explored new styles and genres.

It's been a long run, we all moved on with our own lives and had new experience but the love is still there, as well as the nostalgia…

I really hope you had the same experience as I did, it's not always easy to find someone that shares your same passions, your same ideas and fun experiences, it's one of those things worth a lifetime.

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