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My Berklee Certificate!

I've just received the certificate of accomplishment for the course "Teaching Popular Music in the Classroom" held by Berklee college and it's been a beautiful and inspiring experience.

Teaching music is always been an important part of my career, from even before I moved to London. And it's from here that I faced new challenges in this job so, while I've been doing this job for many years here now, I still wanted to take this course. It revolves around the importance of being aware of all of your students background so the overall experience will be better for everybody in the room. Everybody can bring a new inspiration to the whole group, including the teacher, and learn something new.

This course also showed how being in a peaceful and playful environment during a lesson is important and this is something on which I've always agreed and done. Since I've moved to London I've met many students from all over the world and I've learned so much from them as well as them from me.

I had the luck to be taught from some of the best masters there are and I feel that my mission is to pass the same wisdom and joy in playing music to others.

I hope you'll be able to find new inspiration from other people and experience in anything you love!

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